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COAST 82 is a new genre of music in a future - oriented manner by harmonizing the various tones each possessed by classical, electronic and korean traditional music - gugak, 구각.

COAST 82클래식,

일렉트로뮤직 그리고

전통음악인 국악 등 다양한

음악의 색깔을 접목한 새롭고 미래지향적인 음악 장르를


Denis Sungho - Guitar, producer

Chung Dawn - Violin

Erwan Richard  - Viola

Cho  Jeayeong - Cello

Yu Jaehyuk - Korean traditional percussions and voice.

Jang Minho / Raoul Noplay / Morii - electro /Sound design


Gugak 국악


섬집아기 Island baby Denis Sungho X COAST 82
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Asturias revisitedDenis Sungho X COAST 82
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Denis Sungho

Denis Sungho

Chung Dawn

Chnng Dawn

Erwan Richard

Erwan Richard

Cho Jaeyeong

Cho Jaeyeong

Kim Jaedong

Kim Jaedong

Yang Minho

Yang Minho


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